IAAS Leadership

The main element of IAAS is the National Committees (NC) and Local Committees (LC), groups, and associations of students in universities all over the world working for the association. They organize and run activities like Seminars, Working Camps, Village Concept Projects.

The General Assembly (GA) is the supreme governing authority of the association. It gathers once a year during the Annual Congress and consists of delegates from all the member countries, which are appointed by the National Committees (a). Decisions are taken by voting, with each member country having one vote.

Major positions

  • President

The task of the President is to represent the Association to its external partners and to ensure that the whole EB functions properly.

  • Vice President of Finance

The VP of Finances takes care of the finances, grant application and bookkeeping.

  • Vice President of Communication

The VP of Communication keeps in contact with the members and takes care of communication matters within the association.

  • Vice President of External Relations

The VP of Partnership is the one to keep in contact with our sponsors and to search for new partnership opportunities. VP of Finances and VP of External Relations work closely together.

  • Vice President of Exchange

The VP of Exchange is responsible for the coordination of the IAAS Exchange Program. Since 2006 the Exchange Quality Board helps with the task of improving this important activity.