IAAS Aims:

Students that take an active role as leaders in their society, enter professional life with innovative ideas and contribute to sustainable development in their field of activity.

IAAS’s Vision: “To promote the exchange of experience, knowledge, and ideas, and to improve the mutual understanding between students in the field of agriculture and related sciences all over the world.” (Tunis 1957) [1]

IAAS’s Mission:

  • Encouraging the interchange of ideas in all fields of education and practices in Agricultural and Related Sciences.
  • Promoting the co-operation and understanding between students of Agricultural and Related Sciences from all over the world.
  • Preparing students to fulfill the challenges of their future work with a practical and global view.
  • Encouraging the formation and development of local organizations of Students in Agricultural and Related Sciences.
  • Organising international meetings, seminars, and training periods abroad for students in Agricultural and Related Sciences.
  • Promoting sustainable Agriculture, economics, and food production in the whole world.
  • Promoting a higher education system of high quality, accessible for everyone.