Title: Workshop on Research, Data Analysis, and Publication Processes

Schedule: 22-24 August (4 pm – 6.30 pm).

Number of Registered Participants: 60

Honorable persons attended in the session:

  • Special Guests:
  1. Dr. Md. Matiul Islam, Professor, Agrotechnology discipline, Khulna University and Adviser of KUAAS
  2. Dr. Muhammad Abur Rouf, Professor, Fisheries and Marine Resource Technology Discipline, Khulna University.
  • Guest Speaker: M M Abdullah Al Mamun Sony, PhD Candidate, University of Debrecen, Hungary & DOSZ Ambassador of Bangladesh.
  • Key Instructor: Syed Sazidul Islam, BSc (Hon’s), MSc KU. Winner of University Award for research, Conducted Rice Ratooning project in coastal Region and Working on Red rice, Purple Binni Rice, Khagrachari.
  • Assistant Instructor: Assaduzzaman Nur, BSc (Hon’s) KU. An enthusiastic about research.

Day 1:

  • Inauguration by Local Director of KUAAS Avijit Kumer Paul
  • Main session by Syed Sazidul Islam
  • What is research and why data analysis is needed?
  • Importance of qualitative and quantitative researches
  • Basics of Excel in hand for beginners (Data input, sum, substitution, multiplication, division etc.)

Day 2:

  • Beginning by inspirational speech of Professor Dr. Md. Matiul Islam
  • Main session (Part-1) by Syed Sazidul Islam
  • MS Excel (Mean, Median, Mode, Standard deviation with explanation, Multiple equation and their usage, Data expression process, Regression and Correlation etc)
  • Main session (Part-2) by Md. Asaduzzaman Nur
  • SPSS (Data input, 1 way ANOVA, & 2 way ANOVA)

Day 3:

  • Introduction by Dr. Muhammad Abur Rouf. Sir emphasized the value of statistical analysis and praised us for setting up such a program.
  • Main session (Part-1) by Syed Sazidul Islam
  • Thesis paper writing; manuscript for paper publication
  • Main session (Part-2) by M M Abdullah Al Mamun Sony
  • Trends of Future Research
  • Closing Speech by Research Officer of KUAAS Nurunnahar Nadira.

Glimpse of the workshop: