Greetings, IAASers!
We’re thrilled to unveil the grand announcement of this year’s pinnacle event within IAAS—the IAAS World Congress 2024. Marking the 67th gathering of its kind, this historic occasion lands for the first time in the vibrant Asia region, graciously hosted by IAAS Bangladesh. Prepare for an immersive experience filled with an array of enlightening programs, including knowledge sessions, workshops, scientific talks, and exciting IAAS Constitutional events, alongside enriching lab and field visits.
This year’s overarching theme, “Youth in Action: Challenges and Smart Solutions for Resilient Agro-food System”, places a spotlight on the vital role of youth in identifying and addressing challenges faced by farmers across sectors. Eager to be a part of this transformative journey? Join us for what promises to be the most remarkable IAAS event yet, where you can contribute to knowledge creation and gather a lifetime of experiences.
Event Details:
Title: 67th IAAS World Congress 2024
Country: Bangladesh
Host: IAAS Bangladesh
Date: July 3rd to 16th, 2024
Venues: Dhaka, Mymensingh, Patuakhali, and Khulna
Event Schedule:
A. Plenary Session-
1. Pre-WoCo GA
2. Approving the report of the last GA
3. Membership Overview and Review
4. Amendments
5. Exchange Session
6. CB Reports
7. EB Reports
8. EB/CB Evaluation
9. Financial Overview
10. Country Report Presentation
11. Presentation by EB/CB candidates
12. New Committee Declaration and Closing Ceremony
B. Working Session-
1. Inauguration WoCo 2024
2. Training session
3. Scientific talk by experts
4. Conference
5. Field Visit
6. Development Fund Night
7. Cultural Night, Gala Dinner
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Preparation Document:
Let’s embrace the spirit of IAAS as we embark on this remarkable journey together!