67th IAAS World Congress 2024

About World Congress

IAAS World Congress is a yearly constitutional event of IAAS where youth gathers and talks about different problems of the world through different workshops and seminars conducted by different professionals, activists, and scientists. IAAS is a big agricultural student organization, which has 50+ country members and is connected with more than 10,000 students and professionals. Every year IAAS World Congress is arranged by a member country of IAAS which is selected by the executive and Alumni in every congress. In the 65th World Congress which was held in Morocco, there was a call for WoCo 2024 and IAAS Bangladesh was selected as the host committee.

Like every year 67th World Congress also has a theme based on world problems. This year the theme is “Youth in Action: Challenges and Smart Solutions for Resilient Agro-food System”. Climate and agriculture are connected with each other. And it is a great problem in Bangladesh as well as in many countries of the world. This year youths will talk about the problem and will try to find resilient solutions for a better world.

"Youth in Action: Challenges and Smart Solutions for Resilient Agro-food System"

About Theme

The theme recognizes the significant role that young people play in shaping the future of agriculture and the agro-food system. In many regions, the agricultural sector is grappling with multiple challenges, including climate change, population growth, resource limitations, and the need for sustainable and resilient food systems. The theme highlights the specific challenges faced by the agro-food system and emphasizes the importance of youth engagement, innovation, and leadership in finding smart solutions.

Host: IAAS Bangladesh

Bangladesh is an agricultural country. Most of the people of the country depend on agriculture. In that respect, Bangladesh became a member of IAAS in 2017 and came to be known as IAAS Bangladesh. Although initially it was started at Khulna University, currently 12 public universities are associated with IAAS Bangladesh. Each university is known as an individual local committee, which works under the guidance of the IAAS Bangladesh National Committee. IAAS Bangladesh is one of the most successful and powerful members of IAAS, despite Bangladesh becoming a member long after the establishment of IAAS. And this has been possible only because of the hard work, dedication, and enthusiasm of the members of IAAS Bangladesh.

Established on 10th October 2017
12 Local committee

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Host Universities

Sher-e-Bangla Agricultural University

Bangladesh Agricultural University

Khulna University

Patuakhali Science & Technology University

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